In life, we spend most of our time waiting. Waiting for our kids to arrive from school. Waiting to find that perfect job or our perfect mate. Waiting to be healed from some sickness. Waiting at the doctor’s office! Waiting while stuck in traffic. Waiting for our turn at the bank. Life is a series of opportunities to wait and at times, we may get impatient.

Sometimes, what we are waiting for, never comes. We often get frustrated, desperate, or depressed. At times, we seek the Lord in prayer but find that we do not have the patience to wait for the Lord’s answer or that we simply refuse to hear what the answer is.

Such is human nature. We often forget that God hears all our prayers and answers in a way that is best for us. Are you waiting for something important at this time? Do you feel that you are almost at the end of your rope and that you cannot wait any longer?

I got hold of this Pocket Wisdom card — which provides inspirational verses that we can use to remind ourselves of things that we must always remember. If there is something missing in your life at the moment or if you feel that your prayers are not being answered, just continue praying and believing and take comfort in this verse called: Wait Upon the Lord by Emily Matthews:

“Waiting is the hardest when we feel our need is great, But it helps if we remember that our God is never late. He knows our deepest longings and He times things perfectly. For in His love, He only does what’s best for you and me.”

Our good God is always on time. He loves you and I more than we love ourselves. Just trust and wait. God bless.