The Feast of Christ the King

This year, the Feast of Christ the King was celebrated on November 26, 2006. Every year, this feast falls on the last Sunday of the liturgical year of the Catholic Church, the Sunday before the First Sunday of Advent.

Our parish is known as the parish of Christ the King. In celebrating this year’s fiesta (or feast), the theme was “Thy Will Be Done.” I guess that should also be the overriding theme of our daily lives, right?

What is a king? A “king” is defined by the dictionary as “a man, from a royal family, who rules over a country or empire.” He is also “someone who is powerful and important.”

Does Christ rule in your life? Does He occupy a position of importance in your day-to-day activities?

I was at mass yesterday and the priest officiating the mass was a visiting priest from Cebu. He said that he was very impressed with our parish and that we are fortunate that we are known as “Christ the King.” “You have Christ the King. You have everything.”

Turn to Christ the King. He answers all your needs.