A Short, Daily, Anytime Prayer

Here’s a prayer that I wrote. This is actually the prayer that was included in the set of prayer cards that I wrote about earlier.

Most of the time, we may find ourselves too busy to even pray. Here’s a quick prayer that we can do anytime, anywhere and it captures the essence of how we should view life daily:

“Lord Jesus Christ,
thank You for the gift of life.
Thank You for all Your blessings.
In all circumstances,
help me to remember and to trust
that You have the best plan for me.
Guide me and direct me
that I may always be a channel
of Your blessings to others.”

If you wish to make use of this prayer, you are welcome to do so. My only request is that if you decide to post it on your blog or website, please attribute it to Angelica B. Viloria and I will appreciate a link to this website. Thanks!