The Ruler and His Rocky Kingdom

I heard this story from Fr. William at Christ the King Parish just a few days ago. This story was part of his sermon and I thought that the reflection that came with it was very apt for everyone.

Once there was a king who lived in a rocky kingdom. His place was so rocky that he would hurt his feet every time he moved or walked about. Given the circumstances, the king got exasperated and called his subjects. He informed them that he wanted the whole kingdom carpeted so that even when he walks around, his feet will not get hurt.

After some time, the subjects of the king came back to the ruler with 2 pieces of carpet. They said: When you walk about the kingdom, please wrap a piece of carpet around each foot. That way, wherever you find yourself, you will have a carpet on your feet and your feet will not hurt anymore.

The moral lesson of the story is that most of the time, people look to external circumstances as a way of making things better. Instead of adjusting to our circumstances, most of the time, we want our circumstance to adjust to us and since this does not happen every time, we may get frustrated and stressed out. So, don’t be too focused on the things that you see around you. Focus instead on changing yourself and adjusting your attitude.