Your Neighbor’s New Clothes

Once in awhile, I go through the motions of clearing out my closet. We all notice that after awhile, we purchase or are given a lot of new stuff that it is necessary to throw out some of our existing stuff to accommodate all our new things.

A few months ago, I gave away some old but still usable clothes. Some of my family’s old stuff ended up with our house help. One time, I saw our help wearing one of the clothes that came from us. Just seeing the shirt made me smile and surprisingly gave me a lighter, warmer feeling towards the person wearing it. After all, I had associated that shirt with a family member for the longest time.

It was then that I realized that that is the key to being nicer and to loving people around us more. The key is to see them as people close to us — to see them as brother, sister, mother, or father. We may not realize it every time but we are all somehow related and each individual is closer to us thank we think or feel.

After all, whatever we do to our brethren, we are doing it to Christ. It’s a tough act to do, I know, but if we ask for God’s grace, I am sure we will see what is necessary.