8 Secrets of the Truly Rich by Bo Sanchez

I got hold of Bo Sanchez’s latest book entitled “8 Secrets of the Truly Rich.” The book aims to introduce readers to the 8 principles that will allow an individual to create material wealth and gain spiritual abundance at the same time. What’s one example of a principle tackled in the book? Well, Secret No. 1 is “Be Totally Responsible for Your Success.”

How did I find the book? Just like most of Bo Sanchez’s books, this is an easy read. Bo’s writing style is light, conversational — as if you were just talking to a friend. It is also filled with stories and anecdotes, enough to keep the tone quite personal. If you have read other Bo Sanchez books before though, as I have, after one or two books, you will see that some portions or principles do not change much and you may have encountered these already before in a previous book.

To whom would I recommend this book? I would recommend this book to individuals who have yet to start saving or who always find themselves with a need for funds. The basic principles of regularly saving and investing is pretty well explained. For individuals who already have developed multiple streams of income and have managed to handle their funds pretty well, you may be looking for more details as you are probably already doing what Bo outlines in his book. Still, everybody can benefit from the discussion of “giving your wealth away” as I think not too many people are still comfortable with that idea.

As for me, I really await the day when Bo will come out with his books in Filipino and will give it away to the poorest of the poor. Not that those who read books in English don’t need such lessons but having the book in Filipino and making it available to those who may not be able to pay P350 for a book are probably the individuals who will benefit the most from the chapters in this book. Just a thought.