Prayer for Recovery of Things Lost or Stolen

Today, June 13, is the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua. My mother told me way back that if I should lose anything, I should ask for the intercession of St. Anthony as he is known to help people who have lost certain things. Here is the prayer:

“Blessed St. Anthony, God has made you a powerful advocate in every necessity. As the patron for recovery of things lost or stolen, I turn to you with confidence and love. How many thousands have been marvelously helped to recover lost property! You were counsellor of the straying, comforter of the afflicted, healer of the sick, the deliverer of captives, the raiser of the dead, and refuge of all in trouble. So I hasten to you blessed St. Anthony. I implore you to help me. I recommend to your care what I have lost; I know you will restore it to me should this be for the glory of God and my benefit. I will praise and thank you always for your help on my behalf. Amen.”