What the Feast of the Visitation Teaches Us

Today, May 31, 2007, the Catholic Church commemorates the Feast of the Visitation. This refers to the time when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth when she found out that Elizabeth was heavy with child in her old age.

In today’s mass, Monsignor Dan Sta. Maria focuses on two things that we must remember about the Feast of the Visitation. These two things are service and the feeling of being blessed.

When Mary set out to be with Elizabeth, it was in a spirit of service. She wanted to be with her cousin, who was advanced in age and who was now pregnant. Mary, herself, was also pregnant, but this did not stop her from being there for Elizabeth even if she herself may have also needed assistance and attention.

In today’s Gospel, Mary also states: “…From now on all people will call me happy because of the great things the Mighty God has done for me…” (Luke 1:48-49 TEV). In some other Bible versions, the word used is “blessed” and if we do not listen or read closely, what Mary says may sound quite boastful. Monsignor Sta. Maria, however, points out that the second part of Mary’s statement is critical as she focuses on the Source of all her happiness and blessings. We are blessed and happy, not because of our own doing, not through our own efforts, but because God has been gracious to us and has done great things for us.

On this Feast of the Visitation, may you find joy in serving people around you and may this feast remind us daily that all the good that we have in our life comes from the good Lord.