A Trip in the Offing

Just this summer, my family and I went on a vacation to the United States. As I was reviewing our schedule, it was quite complicated to take everyone’s activities into account as I was fixing the date for our trip.

After much thought, we finally found a common time for all 4 members of the family to go and at the same time ensure that all activities and responsibilities would be given enough attention. It turned out that we would need to go on the day of my son’s school enrollment. We then decided to take an evening flight out of Manila.

I woke up early on April 18 and drove to my son’s school to take care of enrollment matters. As I drove, I said a short prayer that all things be taken care of, that all works out well as there will be “no other day but today.”

It then made me reflect on the passage of time from this life to the next. It’s not always easy to do but shouldn’t we live our life as if there were no other day to accomplish what you need to do and set things right? After all, you never know when that final trip will come.

Well, I am thankful that all did go well and that we had a fun and enjoyable trip. It really is uncanny how life’s little situations can teach us serious lessons. So I hope you smile more today and love more each day for there is always a final trip in the offing.