The Power of Prayer

Exactly a week ago, one of the readings at mass was Chapter 18 of St. Luke’s which is the Parable of the Widow and the Judge. Bishop Raul Martires calls it the Gospel of Prayer since Jesus told His disciples this parable to teach them that they should always pray and never be discouraged.

The Gospel is about a judge “who neither feared God nor respected people.” A widow, however, kept coming to him for help with her case and in the end, the judge says: “…I will see to it that she gets her rights. If I don’t, she will keep on coming and finally wear me out!…” (TEV)

In his homily after the Gospel, Bishop Martires shares several good points in relation to this story. First, two things are needed when we pray: faith or child-like trust and perseverance or persistence.

Bishop Martires also points out that God is not being compared to the judge. The character of the judge was, in fact, used as a contrast, to God who is a loving Father. So, if a heartless judge relented and listened to the widow in need, how much more our loving God?

Bishop Martires, however, does not stop at that point. He poses a crucial question: “Do we actually change God’s mind when we keep praying and praying?” If we keep repeating our prayers and/or requests, will God listen to us?

He then emphasizes that we do not pray so that God will listen to us. We pray so that we may listen to God. All our prayers are answered. Sometimes, we just think that they are unanswered because we do not get the answers we like or the answers that we expect.

Bishop Martires reminds us that our prayers may not be answered in the way that we want them to be answered because:

1. It is not the right time.

2. It is not right for us.

With constant prayer, we take comfort in the fact that even if we do not have it in us to change the way God is, God will slowly change us to accept His will.

How is your prayer life? Do you pray without ceasing? Do you pray and praise God in all circumstances?

It is good to set aside time throughout the day, to regularly communicate with God through prayer. As you pray more, you will see how God will lovingly lead you through rough roads and even happy days. Being in tune with your spiritual side will help you in all your decision-making and you will be surprised, that on certain, possibly dark days, it feels like a light bulb is turned on inside your head and goes “TING!” and you know what you need to do exactly.

Exercise your prayer muscle daily. It is the key to spiritual strength. From it, comes the source of true power.