A Prayer for the Old and Forgetful

This prayer was shared to me by my now 82-year old mother. She got a copy of it from a birthday celebration from an old friend — old as in “from way back” and old too as in “advanced in years.” I don’t know who wrote this prayer — as with most prayers that I have come across, use, or even feature on this site — so if you are the author of any of the prayers shared with readers here, please let me know so we may give the proper acknowledgment.

“Lord, as I grow old and forgetful, help me to be always as mindful of You as You are of me. Help me remember the things that are truly important. Never let me forget the goodness and kindness, the mercy and compassion You have shown me all my life. Help me to be faithful in giving You praise and thanks for the gifts of Your Son and the Holy Spirit, for the graces of redemption and reconciliation. May each Eucharist be a celebration and renewing of our covenant of love through Your Son and a time to reach out in love to all You have given me as companions on life’s way.

Do not let me forget the poor, the sick and suffering, those who need a cheerful and encouraging word from me. Help me to be grateful to my family and friends and to all who mirror Your love to me. Grant that I may remember to say thank you. Help me to walk in Your ways to the end of my life. And may my last thought be of You and the joy that awaits us all in Your eternal Kingdom. Amen.”