Discovering God’s Will For Your Life by Ray Pritchard

This book was a gift given to me by an officemate when I left a job that I had for the last 14 years. It was an appropriate gift, if I ever saw one, and I highly recommend it to people who may find themselves at crossroads in their lives.

Day in, day out — we are faced with decisions and choices in life. In the midst of confusion that particular circumstances may bring, this book offers comfort in the thought that God wants what is best for our life and that He will find ways to let us know what His will is provided that it is the right time.

The book is filled with anecdotes and true stories that will touch and move you. The stories illustrate that you and I will need to trust God and see His hand in every little thing that happens to us — good or bad, positive or negative. Each circumstance that we find ourselves in can be used by God as a tool to lead us to discovering His will.

Each chapter ends with some questions for personal and group study. The questions can be very helpful to individuals for reflection and meditation.

The book is published in the Philippines by Lighthouse Inspirational Books & Gifts, Inc.