You Are Being Taught

My five year old daughter, just like any child, has bad dreams every now and then. From time to time, she would request me to pray that she only have sweet dreams.

One morning, when she woke up, she told me right away that she had a bad dream the night before. Then she went on to say: “I know why I had a bad dream. Jesus is teaching me to be brave.”

The reasoning may not be perfect but I thought the statement was pretty strange, coming from a five year old. Jesus does not “will” bad things into our lives. In His love, mercy, and grace, though, even the strangest of occurrences or even the most horrible of experiences can be turned into an opportunity for learning and becoming a better person.

Are you almost fed up with your irritating co-worker? Maybe, you are being taught patience and tolerance. Have you had a difficult time making ends meet? Maybe you are being taught perseverance and resourcefulness. In all of the situations of life, both good and bad, we are all being taught. You are being taught. You and I may not understand things at the moment but at some future date, in hindsight, you will realize what a certain incident was for. God loves you too much for Him to just have random events happen in your life. Even if you bring on yourself some disastrous circumstance, you can be sure the Lord will transform it into something that will do you good.