The Magic Tree of Your Life

Last Christmas, my 88-year old aunt, gave my kids some projects to do and enjoy. One of them was the Magic Tree, where you can grow your own tree — just from the items included in the kit: a cardboard tree and some special powder. My kids just added some water to the powder, put the cardboard tree on top of a saucer (which had the powder dissolved in water), and after a few hours, we had an artificial tree!

The package said that in about 15 minutes to an hour, ornamental buds should appear. Then it also states this: “GUARANTEED. If it doesn’t grow, return it to store where purchased or to above address for replacement.”

Did buds grow within the stated time? No. My kids and I watched the tree for about 15 to 30 minutes but nothing happened. After some time, we got tired of waiting that we decided to leave the tree alone. After about an hour and 15 minutes, my 10-year old son decides to look at the tree again and this time he goes: “Mommy, take a look at the tree…” Lo and behold, the tree now looked more interesting and beautiful, with different colored buds sprouting here and there.

I thought that there was a beautiful lesson there. In a sense, we are all magic trees. We go through life with a need to grow, to produce beautiful things — but sometimes, things take time. On certain days, we feel impatient when nothing seems to be happening. We must remember, though, that God is in control, watching us behind the scenes, and even if nothing seems to be progressing, you can be sure that God’s beautiful plans for you are in motion. At the right time, things will bloom for you and if the Magic Tree manufacturer can say GUARANTEED but in the same breath say that if it doesn’t grow, you can return it for a replacement, God is much better than that. With God, you only get returned when you have grown and bloomed enough. Just let Him lead you.

The Magic Tree is quite fragile too and can crumble due to movement and disturbances. The buds may disappear all too quickly but the core tree remains. Such is likewise the case with life. Things and people come and go. Gifts are given and taken away. If we hold on though to what is important and to what gives life meaning, then it does not matter what disturbances or changes come our way. We shall still be here. Standing.

I feel particularly touched when I am taught a lesson or given a message in the simple occurrences of everyday life. Am I glad that we received that Magic Tree. God has used it to remind me that He always works wonders in our lives in His own time.

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