Christmas is About Celebrating Christ

We are often reminded that amidst all the glorious food, Christmas parties, and frantic shopping for presents and gifts, we must never lose sight of the reason for Christmas. Christmas is all about celebrating Christ’s birth and going through this life so that we may sooner, rather than later, be like Christ and that at the end of our earthly existence, be with Him forever.

In my younger years, I associated Christmas with Santa Claus and the numerous presents I received. Now that I am older (and hopefully, wiser), my joy that comes with Christmas is no longer as giddy but is more complete. Christmas is a good time to remember that God loves us so much. The thought that He would send us His Only Son to be with us should be enough to sustain us through all the events that life may bring our way.

In my own family, we have started our own Christmas tradition. Every Christmas Day, sometime in the mid-afternoon, we drop by our parish church. It is usually quiet at that time, with just a handful of people, as I suppose most people are still recovering from Christmas Eve or are out for their family reunions. We take the kids with us to pray, to praise, and just to say: “Happy Birthday, Jesus.” There is a belen (or a nativity scene featuring the Holy Family and the Three Kings) and every year, we take a photo of our kids with the belen. As we look through all the photos that we have taken through the years, we see that the kids have grown and have changed so much but the belen looks pretty much the same.

Those photos remind me of God’s presence in our lives. People come and go. Events take place and pass. We laugh. We cry. We ponder. We cherish. Everything in the world is in flux but God remains the same — loving, forgiving, faithful.

What a joy to remember that this Christmas and always. Christmas. The word “mas” in Spanish means “more.” Let us make sure that our celebrations of Christmas this year will have “more” of Christ. Take time to pray and reflect. Be kind. Be generous.

I wish you and your families a blessed Christmas, with numerous opportunities to receive God’s grace and be a channel of His love to others. May Christmas be eternally yours.