Count all the blessings that come into your life. Sun, 15 Mar 2009 06:09:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Read the Bible this Lent Sun, 15 Mar 2009 06:09:32 +0000 I was at mass a few weeks back when Lent was just starting out. The priest who was celebrating the Holy Eucharist then, suggested that Lent is a good time to start reading more of the Bible.

He suggests that one can set aside a few minutes each day (even five to ten minutes) and start reading the whole New Testament. This will serve as a good way to reflect and to find verses for instruction and direction.

So even if you are super busy, take a few minutes off and read the Bible. I am sure that you will find special messages to inspire and help you during Lent and beyond.

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Stewardship Prayer Sun, 28 Dec 2008 07:45:18 +0000 I share with you our Stewardship Prayer at Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows, Quezon City. If you are not familiar with what Stewardship is all about, just pray this prayer and you will know, in your heart, what it means to be a steward or a stewardess:

Lord, every time I open my hands,
I look heavenward to receive your blessings.
I believe everything is a gift
from Your overflowing love.
Undeserving as I may be,
You have built my identity.
You have fashioned me
as Your child
And given me dignity
of sharing in Your life.
Help me to open my hands to let go and trust
For You run my affairs more than I do.
You admonish me to cast away
my doubts and anxieties
And to live in harmony and peace.
Like a good steward,
help me to be thankful in gratitude,
To count more my blessings and less of my adversities.
Let me open my hands
so that I can love and share my gifts.
Help me understand that in a Christian love,
I have the need to give more than giving to a need.
As I realize that I live on borrowed time and life,
I wish to return the best portion
of these blessings received
for the good of my Church
to glorify Your name.
May I be blessed as a good steward,
Now that I offer and return my gifts to You.

Boys’ Retreats Sun, 02 Nov 2008 06:22:45 +0000 Do you have boys aged 9-13? Would you like them to discover the Lord and develop a spiritual life?

Do check out the Boys’ Retreats at Everest Academy at 3846 North Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

Retreat Schedules are as follows:

November 21-23, 2008 (weekend)

January 10, 2009 (9am to 4:30pm)
Similar schedule will be followed on the dates below:
February 28, 2009
March 28, 2009

April 23-26, 2009 (camp)

For inquiries and further details, please contact Fr. Joseph Freymann at 0928 520 4719 or e-mail

The Conquest Retreats aim to form tomorrow’s leaders.

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Mom’s A Stewardess Book Launch: July 9, 2008 Sun, 25 May 2008 06:27:26 +0000 I am coming out with my first book: Mom’s A Stewardess (Or Why There is No Vacation from Your Vocation) — Stories of Stewardship this July 2008. The book is published by Claretian Publications.

The book launch will be held on July 9, 2008, strictly from 3 to 4pm, at the Hope Center Conference Hall, Aurora Milestone Tower, 1045 Aurora Blvd., Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

If you wish to be updated about when the book will be out in the bookstores and other activities relating to stewardship, please visit and sign up there. You can also get more information about what the book is about.

See you at the launch!

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Don’t Keep the Faith Sat, 17 May 2008 15:17:06 +0000 We often hear the phrase “keep the faith.” Generally speaking, it means being faithful to our beliefs no matter what. One time, I was in a mall doing some shopping when I noticed this t-shirt with a message in big, bold letters: “DON’T KEEP THE FAITH.”

The message took me by surprise and for some reason, I knew there was a catch. I looked more closely at the shirt and true enough, under the earlier message, were smaller, less noticeable words which said: “Spread it around.”

Clever message right? And so true too. Faith is not meant to be kept for ourselves. Faith is something that we should share with others — sometimes by words, always, by action. As they say, “faith without good works is dead.”

So the next time you think of just “keeping the faith,” remember that shirt. Faith that is shared rings truer.

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A Hunt for Joy Fri, 04 Apr 2008 14:20:55 +0000 Last March 23, 2008, on Easter Sunday, we attended a Children’s Mass at our parish. On that same day, there was also going to be an Easter Egg Hunt for the children.

We were told that the Egg Hunt would start at 10:30am and that the younger kids (those 6 years old and below) would be segregated from the older kids (7 years old and above). The mass that we attended was at 9am and finished at about 10am. We talked to some people first after, thinking that the egg hunt would still start at 10:30am.

At about 10:15am, we went to the open area where the Easter Egg Hunt was to take place. We belatedly discovered that the hunt had started much earlier and that there were no other eggs left.

My daughter had been looking forward to the egg hunt since about a week back. She looked disappointed for awhile but later appreciated getting two eggs from one of the organizers. She didn’t need to hunt for it. The organizers just gave her the eggs.

I was disappointed for my daughter. I had wanted her to experience the fun of doing the hunt but with the change in rules and circumstances, she couldn’t participate anymore. I felt frustrated and sad. I think I was sadder even than my daughter.

We rode the car home and in the vehicle, I noticed that my daughter did not look sad anymore. She was content having the two colorful, plastic eggs (with small chocolates inside) in her hands and upon reaching our home, she asked if I could play egg hunt with her. We then took turns hiding the eggs and finding them — just the two of us and just the two eggs — and she looked really gleeful and happy.

As I watched my daughter, I felt proud at how she behaved. She did not wallow in sadness or in feelings of frustration and just carried on. In fact, I thought she was more mature about the entire thing — than me.

It was then that I thought to myself — this girl will go far. Life is filled with disappointments and frustrations and a great difference is made by how fast we can rebound and move on.

In our search (or was it a non-search) for Easter eggs, we had found something else. I was reminded that joy is not something you look or hunt for in things around you but is something that you determine. Something that comes from within. The best kind of joy is not the one that is just handed to us for the taking but is something that we decide on feeling even when circumstances do not make it as easy to be happy.

The hunt for joy — begins and ends with us and in our belief in a good and gracious Lord. It is something that life cannot do without for the hunt for real joy will start from within.

Lenten Retreat Tue, 04 Mar 2008 15:09:32 +0000 The following information was provided by Mela Jose who belongs to Living Hope Catholic Community. They will be having a retreat from March 15-16, 2008 in Tagaytay and the retreat is called “Time of Refreshing.”

The retreat is for people who would like to re-establish a more intimate relationship with the Lord. Given that it is timed during the weekend before Holy Week, the retreat can provide individuals with the perfect time to pause and reflect.

Interested parties may get in touch with Mela for reservations and inquiries at +63 917 528 8187. Should you get in touch with her after reading this, please let her know that you read about the retreat here at

Retreat master will be Garet Cabrera. She is the head of Living Hope Catholic Community and has been handling retreats in the last 18 years. She is a lay biblical scholar who studied Theology at Loyola School.

Shadow and Light Sat, 02 Feb 2008 07:49:37 +0000 I came across this quotation attributed to HK Barclay in the January 15, 2008 reflection in the daily devotional Living Water: “When walking through the ‘valley of shadows,’ remember, a shadow is cast by Light.” This is a comforting thought to remember when we go through some circumstances or situations which my not be entirely pleasant.

How is a shadow produced? A shadow is a dark figure that is created when light is intercepted by another body. So, a shadow is cast when Light hits something big…really BIG? But can anything else be bigger than God?

So whatever your situation in life — particularly when all seems dark and dreary — just remember that there is a Source of Light nearby. What may be blocking the Light can be big but no one can be bigger than our God and the shadows won’t be there for long. Have a great day everybody. God bless.

A Short, Daily, Anytime Prayer Sun, 30 Dec 2007 07:08:29 +0000 Here’s a prayer that I wrote. This is actually the prayer that was included in the set of prayer cards that I wrote about earlier.

Most of the time, we may find ourselves too busy to even pray. Here’s a quick prayer that we can do anytime, anywhere and it captures the essence of how we should view life daily:

“Lord Jesus Christ,
thank You for the gift of life.
Thank You for all Your blessings.
In all circumstances,
help me to remember and to trust
that You have the best plan for me.
Guide me and direct me
that I may always be a channel
of Your blessings to others.”

If you wish to make use of this prayer, you are welcome to do so. My only request is that if you decide to post it on your blog or website, please attribute it to Angelica B. Viloria and I will appreciate a link to this website. Thanks!

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Advent Recollection and the Hour of Hope Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:48:20 +0000 The Hope Center of Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc. will be having an Advent Recollection tomorrow, December 15, 2007 at 3pm. Speaker will be Fr. Francisco Carin, CMF. Fr. Clarin is a Claretian missionary in China and is a Professor at the Beijing National Catholic Seminary.

There will also be an Hour of Hope every 6 to 7pm, Mondays to Saturdays, and this will feature prayer, music, movie shorts, meditations, reflections, and sharing. The Hour of Hope will run from December 17-22 and from December 26-29, 2007.

To learn more about the Hope Center, you can visit this write-up on the Hope Center.