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Don’t Keep the Faith

We often hear the phrase “keep the faith.” Generally speaking, it means being faithful to our beliefs no matter what. One time, I was in a mall doing some shopping when I noticed this t-shirt with a message in big, bold letters: “DON’T KEEP THE FAITH.”

A Hunt for Joy

Last March 23, 2008, on Easter Sunday, we attended a Children’s Mass at our parish. On that same day, there was also going to be an Easter Egg Hunt for the children.

The Ruler and His Rocky Kingdom

I heard this story from Fr. William at Christ the King Parish just a few days ago. This story was part of his sermon and I thought that the reflection that came with it was very apt for everyone.

Your Neighbor’s New Clothes

Once in awhile, I go through the motions of clearing out my closet. We all notice that after awhile, we purchase or are given a lot of new stuff that it is necessary to throw out some of our existing stuff to accommodate all our new things.

You Can Run But…

The following is a true story. Much as I like to write, I don’t think I can invent a tale like this. The names of the characters have been changed. The purpose of sharing this story is to make you realize that God never lets go of us. You may run, hide, or turn away […]

A Trip in the Offing

Just this summer, my family and I went on a vacation to the United States. As I was reviewing our schedule, it was quite complicated to take everyone’s activities into account as I was fixing the date for our trip.

You Are Being Taught

My five year old daughter, just like any child, has bad dreams every now and then. From time to time, she would request me to pray that she only have sweet dreams.

The Magic Tree of Your Life

Last Christmas, my 88-year old aunt, gave my kids some projects to do and enjoy. One of them was the Magic Tree, where you can grow your own tree — just from the items included in the kit: a cardboard tree and some special powder. My kids just added some water to the powder, put […]

Death and Life at Christmas Time

In the days leading to Christmas, I went to three wakes as three people passed away: a father of a former office mate; a very good family friend of my parents who had been sick for six years; and the wife of our family driver. The first two people were in their 80s while the […]

Christmas is About Celebrating Christ

We are often reminded that amidst all the glorious food, Christmas parties, and frantic shopping for presents and gifts, we must never lose sight of the reason for Christmas. Christmas is all about celebrating Christ’s birth and going through this life so that we may sooner, rather than later, be like Christ and that at […]